Dreaming Fashion

The ultimate guide to style and elegance

To attract the attention of those around you, sometimes you need to emphasize your style of dress. By dressing smartly, with elegance and class, you’ll attract attention when you walk into a room.

100% Cashmere luxury fashion

100% Cashmere luxury fashion

Fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli is known for his experience in knitted fabrics and his mastery of cashmere.

From the beginning, this cashmere expert has worked with fine materials to create timelessly stylish garments. His favorite material is cashmere. In the collection of clothes made by Brunello Cucinelli, there are pants and jackets which are cut to perfection.

The creations are also distinguished by pants with stripes or discreet checks. Browse the 24S luxury and contemporary fashion catalog and choose from cashmere, wool and silk sweaters.

Fashion pieces and accessories

The clothes and accessories of today’s fashion are more ecological and less outrageous. Among the trendiest models, we can mention the pieces marked by nineties influences like a low waist pant.

Denim? The flare jean

Denim? The flare jean

As for the bootcut, the flare jean is also a trendy denim pants.

Pants? The flowing jogging-suit

Pants? The flowing jogging-suit

Wear a lightweight, loose-fitting, stretchy jogging suit for your yoga sessions.

Shoes? The white boots

Shoes? The white boots

To be trendy, choose from a wide range of white boots.

Fashion tips and tricks

Thanks to a few fashion tips, you can now wear heels without fear of foot pain. The beauty tips also present ideas for dressing according to your body type.

Colors that go together

Colors that go together

Among the color combinations, bright red goes with black. Wear gray clothes with black, white or green.

The world of chic sports is making its mark

The world of chic sports is making its mark

Athleisure is a neologism derived from the contraction of the words leisure and sport. Adopt the sporty chic style for the new school year.

Plain or printed fashion fabrics

Plain or printed fashion fabrics?

Fans of classic outfits can buy printed or plain cotton or wool clothing fabrics on the Internet.

Beauty & Wellness

Pamper yourself with a massage, manicure, care session…

Colored eyeliner

Change the intensity of the pigments in your colored eyeliners to rebalance and sculpt your eyes.

The flashy varnish special summer

Flashy coral nail polish is one of the trendy manicure products for the spring-summer season.

The soap brows trend

With soap brows, you can achieve thick, voluminous eyebrows to enhance the look.

Lifestyle & Sportswear

The emergence of new sports equipment brands is bringing activewear back into fashion. Lifestyle and sportswear fashions manage to compete with an already ultra-competitive market. Some designers are inspired by the trends seen on the Fashion Week catwalks. A sportswear must be associated with a specific practice and present a particular aesthetic in relation to the sport to which the outfit is associated.

E-shops for fashion lovers

All tastes are in nature. Clothing and accessories enthusiasts do not hesitate to mix styles to refine their appearance. Go to shops to consult catalogs and buy your fashion favorites.

Handbags, clutches, trendy tote bags

Shopping enthusiasts should use a tote bag. This very practical accessory allows you to carry your shopping more easily. The handbag is much more than a simple fashion accessory.

Costume jewelry and fashion accessories

There are several ranges of costume jewelry: earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, necklaces, steel jewelry, unicorn jewelry, necklace … Complete your outfit with various accessories: bags, scarves…