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Fall make-up: what colors to adopt against the greyness?

When autumn arrives, women tend to take out their boots and coats from their dressing room. The purpose is to protect themselves effectively against the cold and gray. Regarding makeup, there is also a common habit during the fall period….

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Soap brows: the new way to enhance your eyebrows!

To accentuate your look and to enhance your eyes, a new trend in the cosmetic industry is surfacing. With an eyebrow brush and well-equipped makeup kits, you can have soap brows. This is a new trend in makeup that is…

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How does the lash enhancement technique work?

Eyelash enhancement is the ideal solution to give your eyelashes a beautiful curve. It is a natural and effective technique to beautify the eyes without resorting to mascaras and extensions. Indeed, this method has been recently very trendy. You are…

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Trendy nail polish: the most flashy colors for summer!

Getting in the mood for summer is the perfect way to stay beautiful and attractive. Painting your nails with captivating colors during the summer is the best decision. The idea is to opt for flashy colors, without leaving the trends…

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Colored eyeliner: how to wear it for a sparkling make-up?

For those who love colorful makeup or those who just want to add a touch of color to their eye makeup, choose colored eyeliner. To be applied in small quantities or in very thick lines, it is the product which…

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