5 “Green” outfits that will make you happy!

Nowadays, everyone can be economical and ecological. This means that you can do something with less money than others and respect the environment and nature.

Other than the household items you use in your home and the food you eat, there are now "green" or eco-responsible clothes.

The way to dress "green

To realize an ambitious and difficult project, you will have to challenge everyone, even yourself, as long as it is really feasible. To achieve this, here are some ideas: There are many stores that sell these types of clothes right now. The next step is for you to cross the line that separates you. To better compare the price difference between them, you should check some online sites. Apart from that, the quality of the items they sell is also important. So, to make it easier: put the real costs of the products into perspective and you will find solutions to get the price that meets your budget.

The textile industry, a very polluting industry

You should know that the textile industry is the most polluting one in the field of trade nowadays. It constitutes at least 70% of the products created each year in the world. On the other hand, some countries also throw away, each year, almost 12 kilograms of clothes that are worn out, torn, or simply that do not fit their owners anymore. So, only 30% remains and waits for renewal. If you notice, the majority of the discarded clothes were not really worn by the owner or have never been worn. This is a huge waste! Open your wardrobe and you might see it yourself. Among these clothes, there are those made of petroleum, cotton or dyes and glue. Do not forget the frequent washing of the fabric that will cause its total destruction. Besides its manufacture can also be associated with some ethical problems where employers treat their employees as slaves.

Green fashion outfits

If you want to wear "green" fashion outfits, you can find various choices in different sizes and several age ranges. You could do it as a family choice starting with the smallest to the oldest. There are hats, pants, rompers, tights, etc.

Make your choices and do it with your loved ones as you can be pampered. If you opt for this way of dressing, it is because you think that nothing should be thrown away. This type of clothing can make you smile and be happy.

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