Black clothes: 5 tips to keep them from fading

Black clothes definitely fill your closet since they are suitable for all occasions. They bring a little classy touch to everyday life and almost everyone loves this color. Nevertheless, black clothes tend to fade and tarnish over time. To keep its shine as long as possible, black deserves special attention. There are many tips for keeping black clothes maintain their color and stay vibrant.

Washing techniques and the use of dye

The truth is that black clothes fade after being washed. So, to avoid fading, it is advisable to wash them as little as possible. When you wash them, you should sort your garments. For example, wash black and dark clothes together. Also, hand-washing is necessary since machine washing may fade the black color.

Second tip to keep the shine on black clothes is to use dye. But before any procedure, make sure the fabric absorbs the color well. Fabric like silk, cotton or linen are easier to dye because of their natural fiber components. For a good result, you should use dark dye with hot water. Dip the garment for at least one hour to let the water soak in perfectly.

Maintaining and drying black clothes 

As for drying, be aware of the dryer and the sun effects to keep the color of black clothes. Ideally, dry them naturally without too much exposure to sunlight. Black clothes and heat don't go well together, as the sun's rays produce a natural bleaching agent. Choose a  shady spot and remove the clothes when they are still slightly damp.

When it comes to maintenance, button your jackets and close all openings, as these areas fade quickly compared to others. You should also be aware that dark colored garments do not like ironing too much. The reason is that the heat dulls the tone of the fabric. If, however, ironing is necessary, it is advisable to do it at low temperature.

Other natural alternatives

Have you ever heard that coffee can enhance the color of black clothes? Yes, and it is thanks to the particles present on the coffee that allows to fix, and even intensify the black. Coffee acts as a natural agent and an ecological alternative to keep the shine of your black clothes.

Beer can also help keep black clothes looking shiny. Just rinse with beer and then rinse with plenty of clean water to remove the beer smell.

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