Fall make-up: what colors to adopt against the greyness?

When autumn arrives, women tend to take out their boots and coats from their dressing room. The purpose is to protect themselves effectively against the cold and gray. Regarding makeup, there is also a common habit during the fall period. What colors to opt for to adapt your make-up to the autumn colors?

The make-up to choose in autumn

Changing your make-up in autumn is essential to fight the grey weather. Of course, every woman already has her daily beauty routine. However, it is also ideal to match your make-up to the season. The face can have some color variations in autumn. The sun which is a bit rare during this season impacts on the light that reaches your complexion. In this case, it seems important to opt for specific colors during the fall. The idea is to make a make-up in the colors of the season and fight against the greyness. You can choose between a darker or more discreet color.

Opt for dark and discreet makeup colors

Of course, the choice of colors for a make-up depends on the taste and personalities of the woman. However, the season must also be considered to display a perfect look. You can opt for dark colors to blur the dark circles under the eyes. The smoky eyes and the mouth sublimated with red in the colors of the wines are perfectly ideal. A discreet makeup like orange nude is also an ideal choice. The pink nude also suits the fall season and allows you to have a look well inspired by nature. At the same time, the orange color can beautify your eyelids and lips as well as your cheeks. Finish it off with a blush to make your complexion glow.

Adopt sensual and spicy make-up colors

Aside from dark makeup and nude that is a bit subdued, sensual colors are to be favored in the fall. These are colors without equal to allow a captivating look. A sensual make-up is a choice that allows to evoke femininity. Indeed, for blonde women, the best is to adopt beige and chocolate brown colors in autumn. This applies to the eyes as well as the lips. Redheads can lean towards ochre and rust tones. Finally, brunettes are advised to opt for brown, light or dark. Adding a touch of dark green also promises an ideal fall look.

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