How does the lash enhancement technique work?

Eyelash enhancement is the ideal solution to give your eyelashes a beautiful curve. It is a natural and effective technique to beautify the eyes without resorting to mascaras and extensions. Indeed, this method has been recently very trendy. You are certainly wondering how it works!

Understanding what eyelash enhancement is

Eyelash enhancement is the most effective and longest lasting technique for enhancing the eyes. It can be practiced to have perfect lashes on a daily basis. You don't need mascara or an eyelash curler to do this. It is a unique, semi-permanent method that can last for weeks. It's a very popular method that offers a perfect curl to the lashes. The result of this technique is totally natural. It effectively lengthens the lashes and ideally enlarges the eyes. It also gives volume.

Knowing how it works

The enhancement of eyelashes should not be done at random. It is advisable to join a specialized beauty institute to benefit from an ideal rendering. Indeed, this eye care can last more than an hour. First, the specialist analyzes and observes your eye and the nature of your lashes. He then cleans your eyes while removing make-up.

The goal is to remove the residues of make-up which stick to it. After that, the beautician of the institute places two silicone patches on your upper eyelids. These are the ones that will enhance your lashes. He or she will then glue the patches on your eyelashes with a specific product. The combination of this product and the patches creates a natural and sublime curve of your lashes.

Maintenance after an eyelash enhancement

It is necessary not to wet the lashes for 12 hours following a lash enhancement session. Then, on a daily basis, you can apply eyeliner or mascara after an eyelash enhancement. However, it is imperative to use micellar water when removing eye makeup. It should be noted that makeup removers that are too greasy can weaken the hold of your eyelash enhancement. These are essentially makeup remover oils. You must go to a specialized beauty institute to do an eyelash enhancement. This way, you will be well received and advised for a better maintenance.

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