Instagram: how to know who follows us the most?

Nowadays, social networks are of relevant importance, as they allow users to share information and communicate. Among them, Instagram is making the buzz, and does not stop having new users. Indeed, sometimes they have difficulty in handling the application of this network. Because of this, it is essential to show you the tips suggesting the ways to see the people who follow you the most.

Visit a user's profile directly

This method is easy to apply. It consists in opening the Instagram application first, then typing the name of a person of your choice to access the profile view. There, two cases can be listed: on the one hand, you just look if there is a "subscribe back" option, and this proves that the person is following you. On the other hand, you can go to the 3-dot menu on the upper right. If the person is among your subscribers, you will get the option "remove follower". The absence of these two alternatives means that the profile you are looking for is not subscribed to your account.

Check the list of your subscribers

To avoid the back and forth, a faster way is suggested to see the people who follow you. First, it is essential to open your profile, located in the lower right corner.

Secondly, click on the button of "followers" which shows a list of all the users who are subscribed to your account. Finally, it is through the search of the name of the person in this list that you will know if they are subscribed or not. On the other hand, this way might take a little time, because you might have a good number of subscribers, and you might not exactly have precise names in mind; therefore, looking successively at each profile might be boring. But that's no reason not to try this tutorial!

Interactions on your publications

Sometimes a person may not be following you, but he or she is spying on you daily. Also, their interest in you is sometimes recognized through signs. In order to make sense of the interactions of some accounts with yours, there are two actions of these people that are remarkable, and that can be concluded as indirect following. On the one hand, when you add stories on Instagram, the views represent anyone who is interested in your posts. On the other hand, "likes" and even "comments" on your published photos make the concerned people follow you a lot. In short, recognizing the people who follow you the most on Instagram doesn't require too much effort.

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