Jewelry trend: gold or silver?

Wondering whether you should wear gold or silver jewelry? Many women are hesitant and they ask themselves this question. To answer this question, you can take as a reference, the color of the iris of your eyes. If it has small golden or yellowish spots, tend to gold jewelry. On the other hand, if the pigments of the iris have gray or whitish spots, go for silver.

Gold or silver? Between the two, my heart swings!

This is a difficult question to answer. What colors of jewelry look best on you? Gold or silver? The ready-to-wear website helps you to choose the right color for your jewelry. Here is an idea to help you in your choice. Indeed, if your skin tone is rather warm, the golden color will suit you perfectly and on the contrary if your skin tone is colder, prefer the silver. You can easily do the test with two pairs of earrings that look very similar, but one in gold and the other in silver. This will give you an instant answer to your question and you'll know which shade to bet on. In fact, if you feel that the golden one illuminates your face more, it means that you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if the silver one flatters you more, it means that you have a cold skin tone.

Choose the right color for your jewelry

When it comes to jewelry colors, it is not always easy to make a choice. To choose between gold and silver, you can observe the color of the veins on your hand.

Indeed, if their color is rather green, it is that you have a warm skin color and conversely if they tend rather to blue, you certainly have a cold complexion. You can also do the test with a ready-to-wear accessory like a scarf: which color illuminates your face more, gold or silver?

What color jewelry looks best on you?

There are several ways to find out if gold or silver is the best color for you. Apart from the cost aspect, silver jewelry is less expensive than gold jewelry if you choose the genuine metal. The choice of the gold or silver color also changes according to the color of the clothing. Thus, it is important not to create a tone on tone. For example, with a gold-colored dress, you can easily mix gold and silver jewelry. What matters most is to create harmony!

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