Napa leather shoes: supple leather

It is true that napa leather is currently one of the most fragile materials. However, this one has a unique finish thanks to the most beautiful cow, buffalo, calf and goat skins. Both flexible and light, the leather tablecloth resists effectively to the bad weather and the sun. This is why this type of leather is increasingly used for the manufacture of trendy and comfortable shoes.

All about napa leather

Napa leather is the leading material of the moment for shoe design. Indeed, this type of leather is treated perfectly on the surface while benefiting from a pigmentation which gives it a smooth, flexible and unified rendering. Thanks to this treatment, it can effectively regulate the grain. This finish, commonly called napa, is suitable for all types of animal skins, such as calf, goat, lamb, and this, regardless of the tanning. This is why this type of leather is among the most common materials. In short, it is a high-end leather specially designed for the manufacture of trendy shoes and designer clothes. Click this link for more information at

Why choose napa leather shoes?

Indeed, napa leather has innumerable advantageous characteristics, namely its resistance to any test. Since it is a living material, it gives your shoes a flawless resistance to perforation as well as to tears. Another important advantage of napa leather is its flexibility. Thanks to this characteristic, your shoes in napa leather adapt to many situations even the most extreme. Not to mention that this type of leather is perfectly soft to bring you undeniable comfort. Better still, it has undeniable capacities to fight effectively against perspiration. Thanks to its qualities, these shoes are no longer vulnerable to water vapor and they can absorb a significant amount of water. In addition, thanks to its natural antifungal properties, napa leather preserves the epidermis of your foot while preventing the appearance of fungus. Not to mention that its thermoregulatory properties allow you to wear it in summer as well as in winter.

How to maintain napa leather shoes?

Like other materials, napa leather also requires regular maintenance. This will keep it looking like new and will improve its life span. Without daily maintenance, your napa leather shoes will not gain in strength over time. On the contrary they will wear out quickly. They will also tend to crack like other skins. To do so, you must opt for adapted products. Several specialized stores now offer delicate creams specially designed to clean and maintain your napa leather shoes.    

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