The terrycloth is a pleasant fabric that resurfaces in your dressing room

Nowadays, you won't have allergies from non-cotton fabrics. Terrycloth is made with cotton and gives you softness. There is a wide choice of fabrics according to their uses. Replace your towels and kits with terrycloth. Here are some tips on how to care for and choose your terrycloth.

What are the different types of terrycloth?

There are several types of terrycloth according to their weaves. The raw materials used can also differentiate them. Their uses vary according to their types. At the market, you can see the cotton terry, it is used to make towels, baby bibs, as well as beach bags. Then the bamboo terry, is composed of cotton of bamboo fibers that gives it softness and great absorption power. Then, a very fine cotton fiber gives a lot of softness to the micro-cotton fabric. Its drying is fast thanks to its power of absorption. The small cells highlight the honeycomb weave. The latter is also made of cotton. For very aesthetic designs requiring high absorbency, honeycomb weave is ideal because it is very fine and it has a high level of absorption. Cotton is combined with elastane to create the jersey terry cloth. Being very comfortable, it is used to make pajamas. Find a range of leather bags on

How to choose a terry cloth?

Apart from its composition, the first criterion to consider when choosing a terry cloth is its weight. The absorption capacity of a terrycloth increases with its weight. The higher the weight, the faster it absorbs. If you want to choose a bath towel, choose a weight between 450 and 700 g/m². The weight of a bath mat should be high, between 750 and 1200 g/m². A bathrobe has a lower grammage between 250 and 500 g/m². Choose one for your baby's bib so that his or her garment does not get wet. Ask the seller for the composition and weight of the fabric before you buy it.

How to maintain a terry cloth?

To wash your terry cloth, a single cotton cycle in the washing machine is recommended. Take care of your fabric so that all its power remains intact after washing. Therefore, avoid fabric softeners, as they alter the absorbency of the terry cloth. The dryer softens the towels. Therefore, if you do not have a dryer, you can air dry your towels. The softness of terrycloth tends to fade over time. To renew the softness of your fabric, after washing, rinse it with white vinegar followed by clear water.    

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