Which skirt to wear when you have big calves?

Do you still have the same problem when it comes to the shape and size of your calves? There's no need to spend your life behind baggy pants when the trend can help you cope. How many times have you cancelled a purchase because you didn't consider your calf size or waist? Stop wearing baggy clothes and long skirts instantly and learn to overcome low self-esteem by exploiting the endless possibilities of fashion.

What are the fashionable skirts for big calves?

For the skirt, nothing is better than a beautiful model which is very light flared with a neckline on the shoe. If your calves cause you a major problem, you can raise the whole of your body with a nice pair of heels. A trick that works well with bootcut which is now trying to make a big comeback. When it comes to skirts, if you don't want to take 10 at a time, you'll give up once and opt for the mid- calf with pencil skirts, tightening exactly the size of their "back" or your calves.

What skirts for the big calf?

The most flattering is the straight, no-frills, raw model. If you want to follow the latest fashion trend, you can also buy pleated skirts and classic ones. They will both flatter your figure and soften your calves, especially, in case you are lucky enough to have anklets and want to show them off at the bottom of your skirt. Do not forbid yourself to be thin: they stick a little too hard to the skin, but with a big pair of boots, it can become hot.

Do we have to give up the miniskirt?

If wearing shorts makes you feel uncomfortable, your ally is the miniskirt. Avoid any form of sticking too tightly to the body, and so do not wear a pencil skirt. Opt for the sixties’ cut which is slightly trapezoidal. This flared shape will rebalance your waist as if by magic. Anyway, a small downside in case your thighs are bigger. Because there, the results are no longer guaranteed. Finally, if you dare wearing a miniskirt, remember that heels lengthen your calves and will be much more harmonious.

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