Which swimsuit to choose when you are 50 years old?

For people in their fifties, it is difficult to find a swimsuit that will be the most suitable for their body and which will allow them to enjoy the vacations by the sea or simply go for swimming sessions. To make the right choice of swimsuit, you must take into account certain criteria. Among these criteria is for example the morphology. For a   50-year-old person, it is better to opt for a one-piece with a belly reinforcement or high waist briefs to be able to cheat on the belly. These types of swimwear give a slimming visual effect because they sheath the skin.

A swimsuit that hides the buttocks

For the one-piece, it is better to prefer curved cuts on the shape. Ample at the belly level, the tankini is also an excellent model of swimsuit to succeed in hiding the forms. You can wear it with a shorty or a high waist. A one-piece short or a boxer suit will allow you to hide your buttocks. They allow to hide the bulges going down along your crotch. Skirt swimsuits can also be preferred. If you want to hide cellulite on your thighs or stretch marks on your buttocks, these swimsuits are more suitable.

A swimsuit that brings out the chest

After menopause, the breasts will still need to be well supported. For this reason, it is best to choose bras with an elastic band above the chest or underwires. The straps should be adjustable and wide for optimal support. Swimsuits without cups or without integrated shells are to be avoided at all costs. With the tankini, your chest will be well maintained with the integrated bra.

A swimsuit with the right color

Regarding the color of the swimsuit, you should opt for plain colors or sober colors. This way, you will be less noticed even if the trendy colors are the pep colors this summer. Black is the best choice for a slimming effect. If you prefer prints, choose the most discreet prints possible.

For those in their fifties, the swimsuits to avoid are those with teenage cuts. Swimsuits that offer no support should be avoided, such as triangle or bandeau

bras. Stockings with side laces are also to be excluded from your choice, as are thin straps and models that are too full.

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