The beret: the top accessory this winter!

The beret is making a comeback this winter. It is a very trendy fashion accessory that will allow you to bring a unique touch to your style and assert your personality. Moreover, it can be worn by everyone, man or woman, young or adult. How to wear it correctly? How to choose the most suitable model for your body type?

How to choose a beret for winter?

The beret is a timeless accessory. Moreover, the models have been updated. To keep you warm during the winter, choose wool which is both soft and pleasant.

Leather is also very fashionable and gives a rock-and-roll look. The flat shape protects from the elements and the cold winter weather. It can be adapted to all facial morphologies. The Gavroche beret is perfect for people with long hair or round faces. The sailor beret on the other hand is versatile. It highlights the features, no matter what the shape is. On the color side, you can dare the red or pastel pink version to give dynamism to an outfit, or light and soft tones like beige or white.

How to wear a beret correctly?

You have many options to wear your beret, because it is very flexible. For example, you can lay it flat on your head, flatten it on one side, push it over your ears, pinch it forward, etc. Moreover, the beret can be associated with any type of clothing and worn on any occasion. It will for example highlight a stylish jacket or a sweater for a trendy look. It also gives a more glamorous look to a coat, a tunic or a short dress matched with tights. Anyway, these are just a few ideas, but the combinations are endless. The rule is very simple: you must combine it with fashionable clothes and accessories.

How to choose the right size?

If you are shopping in a store, just try on the beret and you are done. However, online, you should know your size perfectly to avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive the package. For a woman with broad shoulders, you should bet on a 10-inch beret. Otherwise, the 9.5-inch model will be more appropriate. For a man with broad shoulders, the 10.5-inch beret is highly recommended.

To guarantee optimal comfort, it should not be too tight or too wide. To avoid mistakes, choose an adjustable beret that will fit you perfectly. Otherwise, measure your head size at the forehead.

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